Air Traffic Control (ATC) Communications Boot Camp

Beat "mic fright" with 5 hours of intense, one-on-one training

If you're nervous about the idea of talking on the radio to ATC, have trouble understanding ATC instructions, or feel unsure about how to respond to them - you are not alone.

Traditional flight training puts radio work on the backburner, as something which "you'll just pick up as you go along." While you will get better with practice, the stress of using the radios can distract from other important aspects of training. And without the confidence from plenty of repetition, many pilots finish their training unconfident on how to use basic services that can increase safety, like flight following, flying through Class B airspace, etc.

My unique approach treats learning ATC communications like it really is - learning a language. From the smallest, simplest building blocks, I'll guide you along how to handle complex taxi instructions, requesting to transition class B airspace, and making proper uncontrolled airport radio calls in no time.

For a fraction of the cost of a flight lesson, you'll be able to put your ATC communication anxieties behind you once and for all.


Here's how the ATC boot camp works:

There are two segments: (1) the "solo" homework segment, and (2) the one-on-one bootcamp with Mike.

"Solo" homework segment: While there is no requirement to do so, I recommend that you study as much as possible before we begin the one-on-one work. After you sign up, I will email you the following resources:

  • Suggested training material (video, reading, and flashcard decks) covering topics of Airspace and Communications
  • A communications script that is specific to your airport, which we suggest you memorize before we start the boot camp
  • Airspace flashcard deck
  • "Immersion" using selected recordings of real ATC communications. Listen in your car, at work, etc.

During this segment, I'll be available to answer any questions you have via e-mail.

One-on-one bootcamp with Mike: We will cover realistic scenarios for both controlled and uncontrolled airports - specific to your training location.

  • 1.5 hours of ground operations practice
  • 1.5 hours of pattern work practice
  • 1 hour of flight following, flight service, PIREPs, and emergency declarations
  • 1 hour of uncontrolled airport operations

The training will take place on Skype, and we'll make use of digital sectional charts, airport diagrams, real aircraft footage, my desktop flight simulator, and real ATC recordings to help you practice.

Each session will be either 30 or 60 minutes long. You can schedule all the sessions consecutively, or schedule each session in sequence with your real-world training. For example, you might want to wait until your cross country training before we do the "flight following and flight service" portion of the bootcamp.

We will train you to speak on the radio like a confident professional, using the FAA-recommended practices and phraseology.

My goal is to offer this training to you packed with amazing value. I'm confident that working together will help you to focus on the flying - making talking to ATC second nature. This will give you confidence, and the ability to concentrate on flying the airplane during your lessons. Don't let weak ATC communications hold you back from soloing or taking your checkride!

I'm currently offering this training at a highly discounted rate of $99 for the first 5 students who sign up. Ordinarily, it would be worth over $225.

This training is not like most online aviation courses. I'll be personally invested in your success, working individually with you, and giving you the time and attention you deserve!


About your instructor

My name is Mike, and I'll be the one to guide you towards reaching ATC communication mastery. I have nearly 10 years of experience in guiding students towards achieving their aviation goals. I've seen the Air Traffic Control system from many different angles, including my experience flying general aviation aircraft across the country, and in my day-to-day work as an airline pilot. I've also had the opportunity to tour many different air traffic control facilities and interned for several months in one, while I was a student pilot. I hope to pass on the wisdom and experience I've gained to you! Air Traffic Controllers are friendly people who work hard for our safety. When we work together, I'll teach you the full capabilities of what controllers can do for you and how we can make each other's lives easier.



IFR ATC Bootcamp

Coming soon!

If you're interested in mastering ATC communications, simply provide your contact info and I'll be in touch to begin working with you!