FAA Private, Instrument, Commercial Oral Exam Practice Sessions, Online, One-On-One!

Online Oral Exam Prep

Taking a pilot checkride can be stressful. Especially the oral exam, with its huge range of potential questions.  We can help you tackle this.

How? Practicing your oral exam with a different instructor will...

  • give you more confidence the first time you meet with your examiner
  • allow you to identify potential knowledge gaps that can be fixed prior to checkride time, which your CFI may have missed (it happens!)

Our online, practice oral exam service allows you to do this from the convenience of your own computer, at home. (How can we do this? Check out the FAQ.)

For more information and to schedule an instructor, please visit our sister website, flightsimcoach.com.
  • Test prep available for:

    Private pilot checkride (airplane single engine land)
    Instrument rating checkride (airplane)

  • Not a "cookie-cutter" Q&A session.

    Questions/scenarios will be specific to your aircraft and airport.
    Focused on any known areas of difficulty (which you can tell me directly, or I can research the codes on your written test results).

  • Useful debrief notes.

    We provide detailed debrief recommendations of what to practice next, which you can e-mail to your regular CFI.

  • Scenario-Based and Realistic

    We follow the latest Airman Certification Standards (ACS) to make the practice exam as realistic as possible, and keep questions scenario-based where practical.

  • Checkride strategies

    Learn expert tips that will make remembering the material and the checkride experience easier. In the meantime, check out our free checkride tips guide.

  • Take-away material

    As needed, I’ll provide you with supplementary content and memory aids to help the material stick.

While oral exam prep books can be helpful tools, they are NOT a complete preparation strategy. Working one-on-one in my oral exam prep session will allow us to quickly hone in on areas of weakness, and give you additional, personalized tools you need to crush your oral exam.

There are numerous options for online tools we can use, including:

  • Skype, Google Hangouts, or telephone (video optional)
  • Desktop share to display resources such as sectional charts, weather, POH, etc.
  • Digital whiteboard, to explain concepts
  • Your phone camera to send me some quick pictures of any documents, sectional chart route, navlog, etc., you would like me to review or incorporate.

Your CFI will be the best resource for providing you with test prep, as he/she will be the most familiar with local exam practices. However, there is significant value in working with a new CFI to ensure there are no holes left in your knowledge by your regular CFI (it happens!), and to give you the confidence of being tested by a new person prior to exam day.

Yes. In fact, flight instructors are required to log ground instruction they give (14 CFR 61.189). Therefore, after our session, I will e-mail you a signed logbook entry which you can print and insert into your logbook.

  • CFI | CFII | AGI | IGI | ATP Single/Multi Engine Land, Instrument-Airplane
  • Currently a First Officer on the E-175 at SkyWest Airlines
  • Instructed in Purdue University’s Professional Flight Technology collegiate aviation program in the Cirrus SR-20
  • Instructed and acted as a check pilot at the Boeing Employees Flying Association (BEFA) at RNT and PAE airports
  • Former aerospace engineer at Boeing
  • Signed off numerous students for successful checkrides
  • Survivor of 7 checkrides myself, all passed on first-attempt

Yes. E-mail me here with your request and I’ll get you the help you need.

I’m a huge proponent of using time efficiently, so we’ll try to cover as much as possible during our session. However, in a 1-2 hour practice session, it will not be possible to thoroughly assess every single question that could be asked…nor will this be possible to do so on your actual checkride! Therefore, we will prioritize the order of topics according to what areas you deem to be most difficult.

No, it should not. While I am happy to provide debrief notes to your CFI upon your request, your CFI is still responsible for giving you the signoff to take your checkride, and will need to review documentation with you, discuss aircraft maintenance logs, etc.

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