Small Group Sessions

In addition to one-on-one coaching, I also offering small group training sessions, so you can learn from an experienced pilot and ask questions as I fly my own X-Plane and FS2020 simulators.

These sessions will be limited to a total of four participants. This means that, unlike watching a YouTube video or live stream, I will be able to give personalized attention to your questions, and make the session as interactive as possible.

Of course, if you prefer to just sit back and watch, that is completely fine too! But the real value will come from asking questions, learning from the other 3 attendees’ questions, and helping to participate in the execution of the flight. The use of webcams is at your discretion, but it is not required or expected.

I offer these sessions adapted to a variety of topics, skill levels, and aircraft types. Not to mention, I offer sessions using both X-Plane and FS 2020, and various online ATC platforms where appropriate (such as PilotEdge, VATSIM, and IVAO).

At $25 for each 90 minute session, this is an incredible value – less than half the cost of my typical 90 minute one-on-one lessons.

The lessons will be conducted through Zoom, and tickets can be purchased through my Eventbrite page (also shown below).

Great session, pertinent scenarios, low pressure for great outcomes. Clarified issues I was struggling with.

A.S., Real-world student pilot

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