What equipment do I need to start training?

Minimum Equipment Internet upload speed of approximately 2 Mbps (check yours at Speedtest.net).  This is to ensure that I’ll be able to see your simulator in real-time and at a high enough frame rate. There are alternative solutions available if you have less than 2 Mbps – just ask. Skype or other VoIP program with screen share capability A simulator, …

What are some of the limitations of this type of training?

While I firmly believe in the value of desktop simulator training, there are definite limitations.  Here are some items that impractical to teach well in a desktop simulator environment: Takeoffs / landings:  While there is definite training value in practicing traffic patterns and approaches, we cannot effectively teach landings in a simulator, as they are highly dependent on seat of …

What’s the end goal of this training? How will I know when we’re “done”?

Our sim training is all about maximizing the benefit relative to your real-world flight training.  Each student learns differently, and may have different goals. When you sign up, however, we will recommend two possible paths relative to your real-world flight training: complete/introduce as much of the syllabus as possible, before starting real-world flight training. Based on your preference, we could …

Is there a minimum age?

There is no minimum age to work with our instructional team. Only a willingness to learn!

Do I have to be an aspiring real-world pilot?

No! Virtual pilots from the enthusiast flight simulation world are also welcome to receive instruction/coaching from our team of CFIs – giving you an unparalleled simulation experience.

Will there be a lesson debrief?

Yes, although one advantage of simulator training is that it’s easier to debrief maneuvers immediately after they happen, when they’re fresh in your mind.