My simulator is too sensitive

Joystick/yoke sensitivity can be adjusted. We can help you with this. However, keep in mind that if you’re able to come even close to meeting standards with a sensitive joystick, doing so in a stable, real aircraft will be much easier.

Can I legally log the flight time?

No, this type of desktop simulation is not considered loggable by the FAA because it is not in an approved simulator. It’s simply a supplement to your real-world flight training. However, we are confident that training with us will reduce your actual number of hours required in the actual aircraft – significantly reducing the cost of your pilot training.

Is it worth it if my simulator won’t “feel” like the real airplane?

An experienced, real world CFI can help mitigate this, by explaining what things may feel or behave differently in the actual aircraft versus the simulator.  In general, like we discuss here, we do not attempt to train skills that are highly dependent on seat of the pants feeling. Even though the simulator may not react to your control inputs in …

Why do I need a CFI? Can’t I practice using a desktop simulator on my own?

The value you get from simulator training, and the likelihood of not developing bad habits, is highly dependent on the quality of the instruction you receive.  An FAA-certified instructor is trained in the fundamentals of teaching and learning. One of the most important aspects of this is the “law of primacy”, which the FAA describes as: Primacy, the state of …

My flight school already has a simulator (such as a Redbird). Shouldn’t I use that since it’s more realistic than a desktop simulation?

For some topics, like those involving motion, seat of the pants feel, or dependence on muscle memory, yes. However, consider that if you’re trying to save money, the Redbird likely costs upwards of $80/hr to operate.  A desktop simulator costs $0/hr. Other advantages of desktop training: train from the convenience of home can easily record/replay maneuvers

Can this substitute for an oral exam prep with my CFI?

No, it should not. While I am happy to provide debrief notes to your CFI upon your request, your CFI is still responsible for giving you the signoff to take your checkride, and will need to review documentation with you, discuss aircraft maintenance logs, etc.

Will we be able to cover all possible oral exam topics during our session?

I’m a huge proponent of using time efficiently, so we’ll try to cover as much as possible during our session. However, in a 1-2 hour practice session, it will not be possible to thoroughly assess every single question that could be asked…nor will this be possible to do so on your actual checkride! Therefore, we will prioritize the order of …

What are your qualifications?

CFI | CFII | AGI | IGI | ATP Single/Multi Engine Land, Instrument-Airplane Currently a First Officer on the E-175 at SkyWest Airlines Instructed in Purdue University’s Professional Flight Technology collegiate aviation program in the Cirrus SR-20 Instructed and acted as a check pilot at the Boeing Employees Flying Association (BEFA) at RNT and PAE airports Former aerospace engineer at …