What’s the end goal of this training? How will I know when we’re “done”?

  • Our sim training is all about maximizing the benefit relative to your real-world flight training.  Each student learns differently, and may have different goals. When you sign up, however, we will recommend two possible paths relative to your real-world flight training:
    • complete/introduce as much of the syllabus as possible, before starting real-world flight training. Based on your preference, we could consider this “complete” either when you’ve:
      • had a basic introduction to the maneuver, or
      • met PTS standards
    • train in-line (in parallel) with your real-world lessons, coordinating with your real world CFI.  For example, your real-world CFI plans to have you practice slow flight tomorrow, so the day prior, with your ZeroSideslip instructor, you spend an hour practicing the procedures and techniques for slow flight in preparation for the lesson


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